Airdrie Dentist Dental Tips to Remember on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a well-loved celebration not only for lovers but also for everyone else. After all, it is a special day of expressing love and affection towards your loved ones. It is also widely celebrated around the world which means that every country has its own Valentine’s Day traditions that are important to them.

For example, for Japan, it’s all about preparing and giving chocolates while Danish people give white flowers called “snowdrops” to both their friends and lovers. We, at Airdrie Choice Dental, also celebrate Valentine’s Day by decorating our office with red hearts and flowers and by organizing V-Day related activities.

All in all, we do different sorts of activities for this day depending on our own preferences, but one common denominator is Valentine’s Day’s association with all things sweet. And by sweet, I mean, all sorts of candies and chocolates that people usually devour during this special day. When you mention anything sweet, the possibility of tooth decay and dental caries come up. So how can we protect and take care of our oral health during Valentine’s Day?

Here Are Some Airdrie Dentist DentalDental Tips to Remember on Valentine’s Day

  •  Choose the right kind of chocolate.

  • Avoid candy that is hard, sticky, and sour

    • Choose the type of candy that will leave your mouth the fastest. Meaning, hard candies and sticky ones should be avoided because they stay in your mouth for a long time, cling to the teeth, and are difficult to brush or rinse away. If you really want something that would last inside your mouth, chew gum instead because it helps increase saliva production.
  • Drink lots of water

    • If you really cannot help but indulge in candies and chocolates because of Valentine’s Day, then at least make sure that you drink a lot of water after eating them and never neglect your proper dental hygiene routine.
  • Airdrie Dentist provides tips to Whiten your teeth

    • During Valentine’s Day, whether you are out on a date or spending the day with your family and friends at an event, it is always nice to look presentable and fresh. One factor that adds to your overall “freshness” is a bright and white tooth.
    • Consider pampering yourself with some Airdrie dentist cosmetic care. Airdrie Choice Dental offers a state-of-the-art teeth whitening service. We aim to whiten your teeth using an innovative approach that enhances the brightness of your smile in as little as one hour.
If you are looking for an Airdrie dentist that provides quality dental care, Airdrie Choice Dental is here for you! Contact our office today to book an appointment.

3 Easy Ways To Find The Best Dentist In Airdrie

Finding a dentist can be a daunting task but it shouldn’t be. If you have just moved and are looking for a new dentist, don’t have a dentist, or need a new one,

Here are 3 tips on how to find the best dentist in Airdrie.

Ask a friend, relative or neighbor

Ask for a recommendation from your close relatives, friends or your neighbors. They are the best people to go to for this since they already have first-hand knowledge and experience working with the dentist, and they can provide an assessment of the quality of dental care. You want to find a dentist that you are comfortable with, is punctual and offers appointments that work with your schedule.

Ask a dental specialist for a referral

If you know a physician or dental specialist for any type of dental care, you could ask them if they know of any dentist near you that they might recommend. You can be more specific, say if you need a dentist in Airdrie that specializes in restorative care, periodontal disease, or a family dentist for you and your family.

Research on social media

Another easy way to find a good dentist near you is through social media or online directories. You can find tons of online reviews on Google or Yelp that can give you an idea of the quality of their service or if they are credible. You may even check their clinic offices including the complete dental care services that they offer. This will give you an impression of what to expect when you visit them, before the consultation. Make sure to be objective when reading online reviews, be mindful of scams and gather as much information as you can. Get their complete details and other information that will be useful for you to reach out to them. Once you find a good dentist in Airdrie, the next step is to contact them. Prior to the appointment, be prepared to ask them questions on their services, pricing, facilities, if they offer sedation options (for those with dental anxiety), and if you can make appointments on a convenient schedule. These are just some preliminary steps on how to find a dentist near you.

What qualities to look for a good Dentist in Airdrie Experienced

Start with reviewing their dental history, work background and any organization they are associated with. Specifically, look for those that are members with organizations such as the Canadian Dental Association, Royal College of Dentists of Canada, the Academy of General Dentistry, Canadian Association of Hospital Dentist, International Dental Implant Associations and any local associations, such as Alberta Dental Association, and more.

Warm and friendly

Make sure to choose a dentist that you feel you and your family will be in good hands every time you visit. Look for someone that offers a friendly environment. If you’re a parent and will be bringing your child, you will want them to have fun and feel relaxed all throughout their entire visit.


A good dentist values their patients and treats them not just as a patient but as an individual and someone who has unique needs. They are passionate about dentistry and in educating you about how to take good care of your smile, so your teeth can last a lifetime. Wrap Up Many people consider dentists a valued partner in their health care. That is why it is crucial to find a good dentist that truly understands all your dental needs. There are plenty of ways to find them. You just have to be resourceful and look around you. Lastly, trust your instincts and never settle for less than what you deserve. You will surely find a dentist near you. Consider some of the qualities mentioned above when you’re looking for a good dentist. Maintaining good oral health becomes much easier if you can find a dentist that will also take good care of you. Are you ready to schedule your dental appointment?

If you need an affordable, personalized and quality dental care in Airdrie, our team at Airdrie Choice Dental is here to help. We offer comprehensive dental care for you and your family including general and preventive care, dental implants, Invisalign, periodontal services, porcelain veneers and more.

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