Sedation Dentistry Near You

Relaxing at the dentist can be hard for any of us, whether we have dental anxiety or not; that’s how sedation dental practices were born. Dealing with our health can be stressful enough, and that’s why our local dental clinic offers sedation dentistry near you. Whether you’re having a lengthy procedure done or tend to squirm in the chair, we’re here to make sure your experience is as smooth as it can be. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

sedation dentistry in airdrie

What is Sedation Dentistry?

The purpose of sedation dentistry is simple: to keep patients comfortable when they come in to receive treatment. Such measures can be used in a variety of instances, including, but certainly not limited to the following:

  • Dentophobia (aka the fear of going to the dentist).
  • You’re undergoing a long or invasive treatment.
  • You have a low pain tolerance.
  • You have sensitive teeth.
  • A severe gag reflex.
  • A patient has trouble sitting still.
  • A patient has special needs.

Also known as sleep dentistry, these measures are safe for patients of any age.

For more information about sedation dentistry near you, set up an appointment with your dentist. They will address any questions that you might have about the process.

Types of Dental Sedation

Listed below are the types of sedation available to you as a patient:

Minimal sedation 

Minimal sedation is also referred to as nitrous oxide sedation. This medication is administered by covering your mouth and nose with a mask, allowing you to inhale it. The effects wear off quickly.

Oral sedation 

The sedation medication comes in the form of a small pill that you’ll receive before your scheduled appointment – your dentist may advise you to take it the night before or the morning of. The extent of your treatment will determine whether you’re provided with a minimal or moderate dosage. You won’t be put directly to sleep but you’ll most likely experience feelings of grogginess.

IV sedation 

IV or intravenous sedation administers a moderate amount of sleep mediation through an injection. Since the substance enters your bloodstream, its effects are almost immediate. As is the case with oral sedation, you’ll most likely feel groggy and may even end up falling asleep. It’s recommended that you have someone with you to drive you home afterward.

Always do your research and speak with your dentist before you undergo any type of treatment. They will discuss your oral health situation with you and be able to identify the best type of sedation for you.

Here at Airdrie Choice Dental, we offer sedation dentistry in Airdrie to all our patients, both new and returning. Call, visit our company website, or come in to see us in person to book a consultation today!