Are Sealants Good For Children?

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are sealants good for children

Why are patients encouraged to get dental sealants for their back teeth? Dental sealants are a thin coating applied to the chewing surfaces of your molars to protect them from bacteria and decay. Your back teeth are more prone to decay as they have many crevices where food and bacteria can easily get stuck and be difficult to clean with your toothbrush during oral hygiene routines.

We offer dental sealants in Airdrie that provide a protective barrier to prevent bacteria from settling in these grooves and causing cavities. They can reduce the possibility of tooth decay by up to 80% and are recommended for children as soon as their adult teeth come in.

If you are looking for preventative dentistry near you, we offer you and your family various preventative treatments at Airdrie Choice Dental to prevent dental issues and oral health complications from developing.

Benefits of Dental Sealants Near You

  1. Easy to apply: these can be applied quickly and painlessly without the need for sedation dentistry.
  2. Help prevent tooth decay: they act as a barrier to protect the teeth from decay-causing bacteria and food particles.
  3. Cost-effective: Preventing tooth decay is less costly than treating tooth decay, as some procedures require extensive dental care and treatments.
  4. Long-lasting: they can last several years with proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups.
  5. Non-invasive: dental sealants are a non-invasive dental treatment option that does not require removing any tooth structure.
  6. Suitable for children and adults: they are recommended for children and adults who want to protect their oral health from tooth decay.

What Can You Expect for Your Child During the Procedure?

Placing dental sealants by our dentist in Airdrie is a simple and painless process that typically takes just a few minutes per tooth. Here’s what you can expect for your child during the procedure at Airdrie Choice Dental:

Tooth cleaning: Before a dentist near you applies the sealant, they will clean the tooth surface to remove any food particles and debris.

Tooth drying: After cleaning, our Airdrie dental team will dry the tooth with an air or cotton swab to ensure the sealant adheres properly to the tooth surface.

Acid etching: A special solution or gel will be applied to the tooth to create a rough surface that helps the sealant bond to the tooth.

Application: The dental sealant material is then applied by our dedicated tea to the chewing surface of the tooth and allowed to flow into the tiny pits and grooves of the tooth.

Curing: A special light is used to help harden and set the sealant material.

Check and polish: After applying and curing the protective layers on your molars, our dedicated team will check they bonded properly with the teeth while removing any excess from them to make them feel smooth.

What is the lifespan of dental sealants?

How long a dental treatment lasts depends on several factors. In this case, the quality of the material and proper oral hygiene habits are two of the main factors involved in the durability of dental sealants. However, on average, this dental treatment can last between five to ten years with proper oral care and hygiene. If you experience chipped, worn or damaged teeth, contact our Airdrie Dental Choice clinic as soon as possible to reapply the protective layers that prevent your teeth from decaying. Other than proper oral hygiene habits, regular dental checkups and cleanings with a dentist near you can help determine if these layers are in a good state or need replacement.

Cost of Dental Sealants Near You

The cost of dental preventative treatments varies depending on factors such as the patient’s age and the material of choice for the protective layers. To decrease the out-of-pocket costs to patients, we encourage you to check in with your dental insurance provider about dental treatments covered by your policy, as some insurance providers cover the costs of dental sealants for children.

Should your child have dental sealants?

Children’s teeth are more vulnerable to decay because they often have difficulty cleaning all the surfaces of their teeth, especially the molars and premolars in the back of their mouths. That is why dentists near you believe dental sealants can be a good option to protect their teeth from decay.

Getting dental sealants for your child is a simple and painless procedure that our dental team can complete in just one visit to our Airdrie dental office. These are effective ways to prevent tooth decay and maintain good oral health in children.

To schedule a consultation at Airdrie Choice Dental, contact us at (587) 775-9911.